Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm posting below the playlist from last week... November 19th. I'm not posting the playlist from the 12th's show, which consisted primarily of rebroadcasts of the Deep River Quartet's concert of October 22. (Once again, thank you Karen Efron.) Hope you enjoyed.

This week, we'll conclude our features on Ruth Brown, the El Dorados, and the Four Tunes, as well as pay tribute to the memory of Al Frazier, an original recording member of the Lamplighters who remained with them through their evolutions to the Sharps, Rivingtons, and a few stops in between. Al recently passed away at the age of 75.

For December, we'll not feature any groups/acts, but begin working on Christmas music to the playlists.

Here's last week's playlist:

1 I Really Really Love You - The Crows
2 Let Me Love You - JD Wright And The Metallics
3 I'm Your Best Bet Baby - Earl King
4 Daddy Daddy - Ruth Brown
5 I'm In The Mood For Love - Juanita Hall And The Four Tunes
6 Chop Ling Soon - The El Dorados
7 Most Of All - The Moonglows
8 I Love You Baby - Bobby Hall And The Kings
9 Blue Monday - James Davis
10 Somebody Touched Me - Ruth Brown
11 There Goes My Heart - The Four Tunes
12 Little Miss Love - The El Dorados
13 How Do Earthly Men Know - The El Dorados
14 Coming To Bring You Some Soul - Sam Baker
15 Go On Home Girl - Arthur Alexander
16 There's Got to Be A Way - Chuck Willis
17 Can't Help Loving That Girl Of Mine - The Hideaways
18 O-O I Love You - The Dells
19 Duke's Place - The Furness Brothers
20 You're Gonna Be Sorry - The Keys
21 One Little Moment With You - The Furness Brothers
22 That's Heaven To Me - The Persuasions
23 I'd Do Anything For You - The Five Chords
24 Oh What A Dream(Live) - Ruth Brown
25 Get Out Of Here Woman - Ernest Kador
26 Marie - The Four Tunes
27 I Began To Realize - The El Dorados
28 Please Tell Me You're Mine - The Twilighters
29 Love Call - The Ebonaires

Thursday, November 10, 2005

As promised, this Saturday, we'll be featuring the Deep River Quartet performance from October 22, which did not go out over the air that day because of transmission problems. Once again, thanks to Karen Efron for sending a tape of that show to enable this rebroadcast.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to recent fund drive. The listeners to this show were especially generous. And for those who did not pledge... it's never too late!

Here's the playlist from last Saturday:

1 Can't Do Sixty No More - The Dominoes
2 Hey Now - The Voices
3 Ding A Ling Coo Coo Mop - The Schoolboys
4 The Shrine Of St. Cecilia - Ruth Brown
5 Baby I Need You - The El Dorados
6 The Greatest Song I Ever Heard - The Four Tunes
7 Hold Me Tenderly - Bobby "Blue" Bland
8 Where's My Girl - Jesse Belvin
9 Some Day Bye And Bye - The Spiders
10 Foolish Me - The Moonglows
11 Single Life - Billy Tate
12 I Sold My Heart To The Junkman - The Four Tunes
13 My Gal Is Gone - The El Dorados
14 Sentimental Journey - Ruth Brown And Her Rhythm Makers
15 Small Token Of My Love - Jato Vondel
16 Oh My Love - Rick And The Masters
17 Deep Inside Me - The Tams
18 I've Been In The Storm - The Harmonizing Four
19 Oo Wee - The Hearts
20 No Greater Love - The Embers
21 Little Jane - The Four Tunes
22 Sea Of Love - Ruth Brown
23 Bim Bam Boom - The El Dorados
24 Wedding Bells - The Senators
25 Come On Baby - The Cordovans
26 Let Them Love (And Be Loved) - The Dreamlovers