Friday, September 02, 2005

Although there's little for me to add to what all has been said and felt, I have to pay a respect to the terribly beseiged city and people of New Orleans. We often play and listen to the city's music, laugh about the "bon temps roulez" image that it fosters, and remark about its musical heritage, but the terrible state of its large underclass has been driven home this week as the tragedy among all the other tragedies we've seen. I hope we all can do something to make a dent in the flood of sadness and misery that rise even as the water begins to recede.

Here are the playlists for the last two weeks. Once again, I had a problem with the tapes from the August 20 show, and so there may be some inaccuracy.. I apologize for any that you may notice.

August 27:

1 You Gotta Go Baby - The Five Bluenotes
2 So Why - The Bopcords
3 Numbers Boogie - Sugar Chile Robinson
4 Karate Boogaloo - Jerry-O
5 Please Send Me Someone To Love - Dinah Washington
6 I Love You, Yes I Do - The Four Buddies
7 I'll Come Runnin' Back To You - The Persuasions
8 I'm Going to Have Myself A Ball - Tiny Bradshaw
9 Lovers Never Say Goodbye - The Flamingos
10 Who You Gonna Run To - The Temptations
11 It's Too Soon To Know - Dinah Washington And Group
12 I Will Wait - The Four Buddies
13 Some Day I Will Fly Away - The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama
14 You Left The Water Running - Maurice And Mac
15 Steetwalkin' Daddy - Alma "Lollipop" Mondy
16 Message Of Love - The Orbits
17 I Knew From The Start - The Moonglows
18 Blue Velvet - Arthur Prysock
19 My Baby's Gone - The Barons
20 On Sunday Afternoon - The Harptones
21 Out In The Cold Again - Dinah Washington And The Ravens
22 I Want A Love I Can See - The Temptations
23 My Summer's Gone - The Four Buddies
24 No Cure For The Blues - Lamp Sisters
25 Abigail - The Embers
26 Later Later Baby - The Five Crowns
27 Broken Pieces - The Temptations
28 September In The Rain - Dinah Washington
29 Without A Friend - The Strangers

Augut 20:

1 Picture Of Love - The Continentals
2 Riot In Cell Block Nine - The Robins
3 Rang Tang Ding Dong - The Cellos
4 Rhythm Rockin' Blues - Rollee McGill
5 (Daughter)That'sYour Red Wagon - Gloria Irving With SaxKari
6 Fine Brown Frame - Nellie Lutcher
7 Whole Lotta Loving - Professor Longhair
8 Forgive Me Clawdy - Lloyd Price
9 Don't Walk Out - The Barons
10 Please Hurry Home - BB King
11 T Model Boogie - Roscoe Gordon
12 My Country Man - Big Maybelle
13 That's How I Feel - The Students
14 ABC's Of Love - Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers
15 Some Day You'll Want Me To Want You - The Drifters
16 Wailin' Little Mama - The Counts
17 ButterBall - Marvin And Johnny
18 Stars In The Sky - The Channels
19 The Entertainer - Tony Clarke
20 Private Number - William Bell And Judy Clay
21 I Don't Love You No More - Jimmy Norman
22 Destination Love - Wynonie Harris
23 I Want A Bow Legged Woman - Bullmoose Jackson
24 Back Breakin' Blues - Big Joe Turner
25 Weather Man - Wynona Carr
26 Gimme A Pigfoot - Laverne Baker
27 Beer Bottle Boogie - Marilyn Scott
28 I Want You To Be My Baby - Lillian Briggs
29 Bama Lama Loo - Little Richard
30 Little By Little - Nappy Brown
31 I Laughed - The Jesters
32 Pennies From Heaven - The Matadors
33 Laughing Love - The Native Boys
34 Zanzee - The Hi-Lites
35 I'd Be A Fool Again - The Blenders
36 Ooh She Flew - The Avalons
37 What's The Matter With Me - The Four Buddies
38 Who You Gonna Run To - The Temptations
39 Record Ban Blues - Dinah Washington
40 Baby Let Me Take You Out Tonight - The Five Emeralds
41 In The Mission Of St Augustine - The Orioles
42 Whatcha Know New - The Unique Teens
43 Most Of All - The Moonglows
44 Let's Fall In Love - The Five Stars
45 Bring It On Home To Me - Sam Cooke (Live At The Harlem Club, Miami)
46 Manhattan - Dinah Washington
47 Close To You - The Four Buddies
48 Why Did She Leave Me - The Temptations
49 Life Is But A Dream - The Temptations
50 Beside You - The Crests
51 She's Mine - The Guytones
52 A Faded Memory - The Chimes
53 Jealous Kind Of Fellow - Garland Green
54 Love's Gone Bad - Chris Clark
55 You're All I Live For - The Four Vibes
56 Standing In The Need Of Prayer - The Bullock Brothers
57 She Blew A Good Thing - The Poets
58 I Won't Be Back - The Kidds
59 Heart And Soul - The Four Buddies
60 A Rockin' Good Way - Brook Benton And Dinah Washington
61 Perfect Woman - The Four Blazes
62 You'll Lose A Precious Love - The Temptations


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