Friday, May 06, 2005

This week (May 7), we're playing wall-to-wall head-banging sounds. The show will feature a greater mix of vocal groups, and will have a little higher concentration of slow songs.

In addition to the 21st, I'll also be off May 28. Susan Kay will be doing the 21st.... not sure yet about the 28th.

Next week, another show of all 45's from my own collection.

Here's the playlist from last week:

1 Fifty Five - Seconds The Charms
2 Your Baby's Back - The Downbeats
3 I'll Be Satisfied - Jackie Wilson
4 Mama (Your Daughter Told A Lie On Me) - The Five Keys
5 I Wish You Love - Little Esther Phillips
6 Kiss Me - The Valentines
7 You're A Sweetheart - Little Willie John
8 Let Me Know Tonight - The Blue Dots
9 Lover's Prayer - The Wallace Brothers
10 You Send Me - The Five Delights
11 Boot 'Em Up - The Du Droppers
12 Please Don't Leave Me - Arthur Lee Maye And The Crowns
13 Nature's Creation - The Valentines
14 Heartbreak - Little Willie John
15 Darling - The Five Keys
16 Wedding Boogie - Little Esther Phillips w Mel Walker and Lee Graves
17 I Know - Timi Yuro
18 Whether To Resist - The Sundials
19 Untie Me - The Tams
20 I'll Stop Wanting You - The Moonglows
21 There's Gonna Be Joy - The Radio Four
22 Sittin' And A Rockin - The Delta Rhythm Boys
23 La Luna En Tu Mirada - Los Zafiros
24 Aged And Mellow Blues - Little Esther Phillips
25 I'll Never Stop Loving You - The Five Keys
26 Let Them Talk - Little Willie John
27 Sweetheart Of Mine - The Valentines
28 My Lovin' Baby - The El Dorados
29 The Chicks I Pick Are Tender, Slender And Tall - Louis Jordan


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