Thursday, March 17, 2005

Well exciting things on Sound Of The City. First of all, we will be on the internet now within just a few weeks. Stay tuned for the pertinent information.

Last week it was an honor and a thrill to have Wes Hayes, who sang with The Dreams, Kenny Esquire & The Starlites, The Coeds, and his own bands, in the studio, along with Billy Taylor.
Billy of course sang with The Castelles and Sonny Til's third group of Orioles. We also learned that he too sang with The Dreams (on Darlene), The Modern Redcaps, and also with (though not recording with) The Spaniels and The Dominoes.

And what a thrill it was to have phone calls from Bernie Harris, another original member of The Dreams, and the man himelf, George Grant of the legendary Castelles.

By the calls from our listeners, no doubt you all were as thrilled to hear the stories of these wonderful gentlemen.

Many thanks go to people who made the show possible... Bob Bosco for arranging the visit and Bernard Harris's call, Bill Keith for getting me in touch with George Grant to enable HIS phone call, Steve Applebaum who co authored the definitive article on the Castelles with Charlie Horner... and Carl Tancredi for his cheerleading in the studio.

Here's a list of what we played (yeah I know time cut out Darlene... I am gonna play it on this week's show but it's going on the "official" recording of last week's show):

1 Sweetness - The Castelles
2 This Silver Ring - The Castelles
3 My Little Honey Bun - The Dreams
4 Under The Willow Tree - The Dreams
5 My Girl Awaits Me - The Castelles
6 Boom Chica Boom - Kenny Esquire And The Starlites
7 Hey Baby Baby - The Castelles
8 Over A Cup Of Coffee - The Castelles
9 Time After Time - The Coeds
10 Write And Tell Me Why - Sonny Til And The Orioles
11 It's Too Soon To Know - Sonny Til And The Orioles
12 They Call Me A Dreamer - Kenny Esquire And The Starlites
13 Golden Teardrops - The Modern Redcaps
14 Out There - John Brooks And The Gospel Melodies
15 Wonder Why - The Castelles
16 Darlene - The Dreams


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