Friday, February 18, 2005

Sorry for the late post again. As you may have guessed from listening to last week's show, I was really coming down with something. I was "out of it" for a few days, but now I'm back.

Beginning this Saturday, the nineteenth, and for a few weeks, Johnny Barbata will be out and I will be filling in for him for at least this Saturday and the next... he'll also be out on the fifth of March, but that scheduling is still up in the air.

Also one other reminder... the guests from the Dreams and Castelles originally scheduled for Feb 19 are now scheduled for March 12.

Here's the playlist from last week:

1 What You Do to Me - The Velours
2 My Love Will Never Die - The Channels
3 It's Later Than You Think - Roy Milton
4 Whispering Bells - The Del Vikings
5 How Can I Find True Love - The Del Vikings
6 Down In Bermuda - The Del Vikings
7 I Won't Be The Fool Anymore - The Persuasions
8 At The Ball - The Unique Teens
9 Little Jane - The Four Tunes
10 I'll Stop Wanting You - The Moonglows
11 Pardon Me - Billy Bland
12 On Bended Knees - The Four Gents
13 Study War No More - Sweet Honey In The Rock
14 Talkin' About You - Ray Charles
15 Fever - Ray Charles And Natalie Cole
16 Tell Me How Do You Feel - Ray Charles
17 Stormy Weather - The Five Sharps
18 Moonglow You Know - The Videos
19 Ready For Your Love - Shep And The Limelites
20 The Final Edition - The Dixie Hummingbirds
21 Wreckless - The Wrens
22 Don't You Wanna Be Mine - The Eagles
23 Ooh It Feels So Good - The Larks
24 Rags To Riches - The Dominoes
25 Opportunity Please Knock - Oscar Brown Jr.
26 Can I Change My Mind - Tyrone Davis
27 Pedal Pushin' Papa - The Dominoes
28 If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time - Tyrone Davis
29 Wrong Party Again - The Singing Wanderers
30 Great Jumpin' Catfish - The Wanderers
31 There Is No Greater Love - The Wanderers


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